Our Story

Jordyn Cosey, Founder


I have loved make-up since I was a little girl. My great-aunt thought that was hilarious, so each Christmas she would give me a kid’s makeup kit as a gift. It was by far, always, one of my favorite gifts to receive! As a young teenager I would sneak to buy it with my allowance and hide in my locked bedroom to experiment with different looks because YouTube beauty gurus were not really a thing just yet. It was then that I began to notice the limited options for African Americans with my skin tone and the entrepreneurial seed was planted.


As a teen, my membership in organizations that encouraged service caused me to develop an interest in social justice issues, particularly those that affect my community and became deeply committed to using my voice as an advocate to uplift those who are overlooked and left out.

Coco Visions allows me to blend my two greatest passions – makeup and social justice. It’s my dream come true to create a line of products for individuals regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. I’m excited to bring you this line of nude shades that will enhance your individual and unique beauty as you take on the world!